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Commander Masters Draft Booster Packs are designed for a fun and balanced limited experience. Every one of these 20-card packs contain powerful and interesting cards from throughout Magic's history that'll tune up your Commander decks, inspire new ideas, or provide for a fascinating draft experience.


***There is no Buy-A-Box promo for this set.

Free shipping (within peninsula Malaysia)

Commander Masters Draft Booster Box

  • Contains 24 Commander Masters draft booster packs.

    Draft Booster Rarity Breakdown:

    • 1 Legendary rare or mythic
    • 1 Nonlegendary rare or mythic
    • 1 Nonlegendary uncommon, rare or mythic
    • 2 Legendary uncommons
    • 3 Nonlegendary uncommons
    • 11 Commons
    • 1 Foil of any rarity
    • 1 Double-sided token
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