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Pioneer is the newest constructed format aimed to allow Standard players to continue playing their format favorites and more in a non-rotating environment. The 2021 Pioneer Challenger Decks feature cards from Return to Ravnica through Kaldheim and will remain legal in Pioneer even after the next Standard rotation.


Each Pioneer Challenger Deck includes a complete 60-card main deck plus a 15-card sideboard, ready to go right out of the box! Pick up all four to play with your friends or to keep an arsenal of tournament-ready decks at your side!


Free shipping (within Peninsula Malaysia)

Pioneer Challenger Deck 2021 - Set of 4

  • Includes all four 2021 Pioneer Challenger Decks: 

    • Azorius Spirits
    • Lotus Field Combo
    • Mono Red Burn
    • Orzhov Auras
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